Gold Fireworks Package

....for Weddings & Private Parties

We start the show with the launch of three earth shattering hot white lightening flash maroons simultaneously into the night sky. As the thundering noise fades away, a crisscross pattern of magnesium white roman candles will form a beautiful archway the sky with a single gold coconut palm shell fired in the centre. Next, golden bombettes will dart across the sky forming a rainbow of golden droplets in an archway across the night sky. A split second later, above the golden rainbow, a breath taking halo of twinkling pearl silver and blinking titanium white will fill the night sky, slowly cascading back down to earth.

This is followed by a series of magnesium silver strobe flares that light up the entire area; rising up through these strobe lights come silver and gold roman candles to form a matrix of crisscrossing stars. A rapidly fired sequence of shells will accelerate and build on three layers simultaneously; running through colour changing sequences of red, green and blue combined with special effects like whistles, crackles and hummers. Above your guests, a huge gold coconut palm shell with a spinning blue centre will explode, totally filling the sky as far as the eye can see. Back down to eye level, from the ground will erupt golden cracking glitter fountains to form a 80ft wall of golden fire, as the golden wall peaks it will change to a cascading screen of twinkling silver.

As the fountains fade away, giant silver shells will launch into the sky, as the golden tails trail back down to earth, tiny lilac pearls will burst at the and of each trail. Special effect shells continue with a series of stunning lilac, gold and hot white angled ring shells climaxing with a pair of red love heart shells.

The pace of the show will now start to intensify with a row of gold and azure blue glitter plumes that will launch into the sky in a fan shape throwing silver squibs into the night sky in a frenzy of activity. Overhead, a barrage of golden orb like fireworks with emerald green centres will explode filling the night sky.

Next a dazzling eruption of green streaks will crisscross over the sky. Through the centre of this will rise Rocket Pyro's awesome Poisonous Spider: magnificent balls of silver spinning tornadoes high in to the air that explode in to a frenzy of green and gold glitter combined with a huge white and gold canopy: simultaneously a stunning gold and red peony shell will burst over the top of this to introduce the start of the golden finale.

The finale kicks off with a beautiful barrage of over 800 pale gold and silver shells, that explode to fill the entire night sky, getting faster and faster as they build pace. Giving no time for the audience to catch their breath, magnificent crackling golden crisscrosses will explode, climbing higher and higher, growing bigger and bigger as they stretch across the night sky. Interspersed, earth shattering white flash thunder maroons will explode echoing across the site. The display climaxes with an exquisite 3D waterfall canopy of mammoth golden brocades, interspersed with magnificent golden palm shells - a truly amazing sight. The silence is welcomed as the golden canopy slowly cascades back down to earth.

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