Silver Fireworks Package

....for Weddings & Private Parties


The show starts with three intense white lightening flash maroons with a rumbling thunder effect. As the sound gradually disappears, a zig-zag pattern of magnesium white roman candles will form a beautiful archway in the sky with in the middle a golden coconut palmleave burst followed by by a series of stunning colourful wave effects ranging from pearl-white to silver, crackling blue to citron and violet to red willow shaped twinkel shells.

As the waves of colour gradually fade away, a giant rainbow will rise up from the ground, forming a huge fan of multi colored stars. A split second later, above the rainbow, a breathtaking halo of twinkling pearl and silver will fill the sky, slowly cascading back down to earth.

Rising up through the cascade golden crackling glitter mines rise up to form a thick column of golden fire while giant golden shells explode in the sky and leave tiny azure blue and lilac pearls at the end of each tail.

Next a fan shape of magnesium white and ruby red will explode in the air with flashes of hot pink streaks and giant chrysanteum bursting above while special effects shells continue with a series of stunning red, gold and white angled ring shells climaxing each with single love heart shell.

The pace of the show will now intensify with a row of gold and peacock feather coloured glitter plumes that will launch in the air in a fan shape throwing twirling silver squibs in to the night sky. Overhead, a barrage of silver and gold orb-like fireworks with emerald green centres will explode filling the sky and surrounding area in a shade of rich green followed by another salvo of blue, gold and green giant explosions.

The gold and silver colour theme finale intensifies with an adrenaline pumping, but beautifull bombardment of over 800 white and gold crackling effect shells getting faster and faster and faster as they furiously fill the sky above your guests.

Through the center, hundreds of zig-zagging twinkling silver candles will launch at an incredible pace with at the end of each silver glitter explosions illuminating the sky.

The display climaxes with an exquisite 3D waterfall canopy of giant golden brocades, interspersed with magnificent golden palm shells.

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