Fire on the water

Ardmore Pattern festival 2017

Ardmore in Waterford is a great place to view a spectacular festival fireworks display. Ardmore has many vantage points to view the stunning fireworks as they light up the sky with dramatic bursts of colour. Meanwhile, down below, fireworks can be seen reflecting on the water.

The 2017 Ardmore Pattern Festival was, once again, a fantastic family occasion. A magical festival concluded as the fireworks were launched high into the night sky before exploding in dramatic waves of colours. Fireworks cascading slowing down towards the ground. Suddenly, another wave of high tech pyro whizzed ever higher producing an ever changing festival of fire. Each reveal is greeted with excitement by the spectators far below. This was a theatre of fire in the sky!

Caught On Camera

Knowing where to capture the magic of a world class fireworks display is a great benefit. Local photographer, Mary McGrath, has both the local knowledge and the expertise required to produce the high quality images below. Mary has been capturing the festival fireworks with her dramatic photographs for a few years now. As a result of her combined knowledge and expertise, her photographs can be described as stunning and beautifully captured.

A special thanks to Mary for sharing these photographs with us. For those who witnessed it, the Ardmore Pattern Festival Fireworks Display, was an occasion that will live long in the memory. For those who could not be there, check out the images below.


Is it any wonder then that people come back year after year to enjoy the spectacle. Each year, they discover what new treats the designers at Rocket Pyro have cooked up. So it really is no wonder Rocket Pyro were place second in the Fireworks World Championship.

Click on the images in the photo gallery below to view the full beauty of the images. If you think this is what can add the finishing touches to your festival, please contact us to discuss how we can help make your event even more memorable!