Fireworks at Swords

Halloween Spectacular at Swords Castle

Swords is in Fingal (North County Dublin) where the County Council run a number of highly successful family-friendly events every year. One of the most spectacular and popular events is the stunning Halloween Fireworks Display, designed and fired by the Rocket Pyrotechnics team. Check out the Video above of the 2017 show or click any of the still images below and see for yourself why this event continues to grow in popularity and set new standards for family-friendly festivals.

This is just one of the stunning shows designed and performed by Rocket Pyrotechnics for community festivals all around the country.

As with all the shows we design and fire, our highly qualified and experienced team leave nothing to chance when it comes to safety. We carry out a detailed site visit in advance to evaluate and eliminate any potential risks and our shows are designed to be spectacular but with safety as a top priority.

If you think this is what can add the finishing touches to your festival, please contact us to discuss how we can help make your event even more memorable!