Professional Fireworks Show

Before The Show

It doesn’t seem to matter what age the person is, everybody gets the same thrill, and excitement from watching Rocket Pyro in action with one of their magical fireworks displays. Young children perched on the shoulders of a parent look skyward with eyes open wide in wonder as the firework shells explode high in the sky above them. Gasps of excitement emanate from the crowds below, both young and old, as the whirring sound of another sky-bound shell signals that another spectacular burst of fire is about to light up the night skies. And they don’t disappoint.

After the show ends and the trails of smoke drift off into the night, the audience below know that they have just experienced an event that will live long in their memory. As they head for home, the Rocket Pyro crew begin to clear up and prepare for the journey home. But, did you ever think what happens before the show?

Professional fireworks shows don’t happen without expertise, and planning.

Months in advance of a show, we carry out a site visit to carry out a comprehensive survey to ensure that all health and safety considerations have been taken into account. We check the site access, possible hazards, proposed firing position, prevailing winds, fallout area, position of spectators, and a whole lot more.

When everything is in order we proceed to the design and planning stage. Pictured above is Gary working on planning a show. Backed by years of experience, and state-of-the-art pyrotechnics technology, we design, and, in some cases, choreograph a precision fireworks display befitting a world-class fireworks display company.
To keep everything legal and above board, we also liaise with the Dept. of Justice, and the Fire Officer.

Now that the many hours of background preparation work, both on-site, and at our premises has been done, the show design has checked, and been completed, and all the legal paperwork is in place, our fully trained and insured crew will set up the display as per the design specifications.

As you can see from the pictures below, firing sites can vary from modern stadia like Croke Park or the 3Arena to pontoons or boats on the water to a simple field. No matter what the location, our crew carefully check  that everything is set-up, primed, and ready to fire. 

Let the countdown begin!