A professional fireworks display is a big occasion enjoyed by young and old alike. You want to make sure that you get the very best, and in Rocket Pyro you get a proven world-class pyrotechnics company that has twice competed with the best in the world at the prestigious World Fireworks Championships. We are the only Irish company to have ever appeared at the championships.


Hundreds of thousands of people have witnessed Rocket Pyro in action all across Ireland where we have performed at high-profile events such as The Rose of Tralee, Special Olympics, Fingal Festivals, Childline Concert, Top Gear, Ballina Festivals, and more. We have also been involved in memorable music events at Slane with Guns N’Roses, Croke Park with The Spice Girls, Marley Park with Kodaline, the 3Arena with Nathan Carter and many more. Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Robbie Williams, Coldplay, Bruno Mars, One Direction are  etc. are some of the famous names you will find on our Clients & Venue page.


And least we forget, we also provide special pyrotechnics for TV productions including Dancing With The Stars, and Ireland’s Fittest Family. 

Wedding Fireworks is a big part of what we do. Top Irish Wedding Venues where Rocket Pyro regularly fire displays include  Kilshane House, Castle Leslie, Ashford Castle, and The K Club. You can read more about our Wedding Displays by clicking here.


Each Display is Different


PLEASE NOTE:  Each display is designed taking into account the unique layout of the venue, so the display may differ from the descriptions below which are only intended as a guide. Based on our years of experience, we design the best effects into the show that we know will work best in the location. Also, our BRONZE DISPLAY is NOT available for New Years Eve.


We take into account the layout of the venue, the surrounding areas, how much space we have to work in, the prevailing winds, the fallout area, and where spectators will be located.


As described in our Planning the Show page, there is a lot of preparation and planning involved. Sometimes, it’s not possible to include a specific firework because of local conditions but with our expertise, and knowledge gained over many years, we will make sure that each show we design is in keeping with our hard-earned reputation as one of the leading fireworks display companies, not only in Ireland, but in the world. As the only Irish company to have been invited, not once but twice, to participate at the Fireworks World Championships, we cherish our reputation and good name so you can be sure that the show you book will be spectacular and memorable. Please check out the images and videos on this website to see examples of Rocket Pyro at work. Better still, if you get a chance, come along to a show, and see for yourself.


We have outlined the four Display Categories below. If you require any additional information in relation to a display, please contact us.

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Bronze Display

Our Bronze Display packs a big punch.

Ideal for Weddings & Private Functions


Silver Display

When you have a bigger audience to entertain and more space available, our Silver Display is worth checking out. Same high-quality but more of it!


Ideal for Bigger Weddings & Local Events

Gold Display
  • You want it bigger?
  • You want more “WOW?”
  • You want spectacular?
  • Gold is the way to go!


Perfect for larger crowds & smaller festivals

Platinum Display
  • You have lots of space?
  • You have no limits?
  • You want it all?


When you want it all! For Festivals & Public Events.

Special Effects

Available as extras

A variety of special effects are available at an extra cost. More details below but we suggest you contact us for full details.



This is the starting point for our displays, and this incredible value-for-money display never fails to impress and excite. An incredible array of colourful fireworks light up the night skies with explosive flashes of colour creating an atmosphere of pure excitement for the spectators below. It is the idea fireworks display for weddings and private functions.  NOTE: The Bronze Display is NOT AVAILABLE for New Years Eve.





If you are planning a wedding with a large number of guests, you could consider our Silver Display which contains the same as the Bronze Display but a lot more of it. With the additional pyro fired, the excitement is even more intense and the wow factor is very noticeable. This display is also great for small local public events.





When you need to entertain a large crowd at a public event or festival, this is the suggested starting point. Our Gold Display contains the same as the Silver Display but a whole lot more, and is designed with a larger audience in mind. We want to ensure that from the buzz from the first crackle in the night sky to the last ember as the smoke drifts away, your audience is kept entertained and excited. Guaranteed to impress.





We could describe this as the mother-load as it encompasses everything in the displays above. Rocket Pyro has fired shows at just about every leading festival in Ireland, and this is the starting point for most of them. A show packed full of spectacular pyrotechnics that illuminate the skies and draws gasps of delight from the watching audience below. But, there’s more! Check out the extras available below.





We have a number of exciting special effects that can be incorporated into our displays. From the dramatic visual effect for TV or the confetti/streamers at public events to the dynamic pyrotechnics and visuals accompanying many international superstars visiting Ireland, our team makes it all happen seamlessly.



Special effects include:


    • Confetti & Streamers (NOT available for weddings)
    • CO2 Cryojet Effects (Smoke effects for music concerts & sporting events)
    • Flame Effects
    • Gerbs and Jets
    • Mines / Comet Effects
    • Low Smoke


Please talk to us about what you are looking for and we will be happy to advise you what will best suit the display you are booking.

make memories that last a lifetime

A Rocket Pyrotechnics Show is guaranteed to provide memorable entertainment for all the family

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