There are many reasons that Rocket Pyro is one of the leading fireworks display companies in the world. One reason is that we don’t cut corners. Planning is meticulous with nothing overlooked. On this page, we will give you a small insight into what happens before the show begins.


Spectacular fireworks show don’t happen without a lot of expertise, and planning.

The first step in planning any show we undertake is a site visit to carry out a comprehensive survey to ensure that all health and safety considerations have been taken into account, and to begin the initial design of the display.

Each show is different, and in the interests of safety, we check the location with regard to site access, possible hazards, proposed firing position, prevailing winds, fallout area, position of spectators, and much more.

Only when we are fully satisfied that everything is in order we will proceed to the full design and planning stage.


Armed with the information gathered during our site visit, our team get to work to design and devise a show in line with your requirements. We will also liaise with the Dept. of Justice, and the Fire Officer.

Our designers, backed by years of experience, and state-of-the-art pyrotechnics technology, will design, and, in some cases, choreograph a precision fireworks display befitting a world-class fireworks display company.

Our staff are highly trained to safely handle fireworks, and in designing your show, they will always be cognisant of health and safety while making sure you get a show that is the experience of a lifetime.


Now that the many hours of background preparation work, both on-site, and at our premises has been done, the show design has checked, and been completed, and all the legal paperwork is in place, our fully trained and insured crew will set up the display as per the design specifications.

Once again, our crew carefully check  that everything is set-up, primed, and ready to fire.

As always, we want our performance to be flawless and spectacular, and to make sure all health and safety requirements are adhered to in order to ensure that your show will be safe, memorable, and spectacular.

Let the countdown begin!

success takes a lot of planning

Attention to Minute Detail is A hallmark of Successful Shows