Our sustainability approach

Like so many other organisations, we are aware of the ever-increasing need to consider aspects of sustainability in how we run our business.

We take our role in minimising potential harm to the environment very seriously.

For example:

Rocket Pyrotechnics only uses fireworks from manufacturers who have worked to cut the pollutant impact of their products and drastically reduced the level of harmful chemicals they contain.

As a result, very little plastic is used in our displays

We consistently look to source products and tools from suppliers who are as dedicated as we are to having minimal impact on the surrounding area.

We deploy a clean-up crew which is tasked with recovering debris from the surrounding area, after each of our displays.

Most of the waste generated is largely biodegradable and recycled and we take care to ensure it is deposited in the appropriate facility for disposal.

Ballinasloe Fireworks
Noise control

At Rocket Pyrotechnics, we are also keen to control and minimise noise generated by our display during your special occasion. Our company policies include:

  • Strict observation of 11pm curfew, except in the case of New Year’s Eve events and some large public events.
  • We require our venues/clients to notify nearby residents that a fireworks display will be happening and encourage them to bring pets indoors for the duration
  • Our displays last a maximum of  6-15 minutes – we would never facilitate a scenario where fireworks could go off at unexpected times or intervals outside of the agreed window

As professionals in our field, we at Rocket Pyro keep up to date with the latest research on how we can reduce our environmental impact while providing an exciting and memorable show for our audience. We are happy to share this information on request.

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New environmental scheme

Rocket Pyrotechnics is so excited to announce our initiative supporting Wolfgang Reforest. This amazing organisation is dedicated to reforesting 15 acres of land in County Wicklow. As part of our commitment to playing our role in supporting the environment, we’re proud to announce that for every wedding firework display we provide, the team at Wolfgang Reforest will plant another tree in this wonderful native Irish woodland. Each client/wedding couple will also receive a dedicated certificate, to confirm how their special day will continue to enrich the natural environment for many years to come.  For more details, please get in touch by clicking the link below.

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